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Meet the Teachers

As the Reiki Academy in London is expanding, more teachers will be joining in 2018

Torsten A Lange, Reiki Master and Teacher


Torsten is the founder and director of The Reiki Academy. He undertook extensive research into the history of Reiki and is an international lecturer on Reiki. His book "Reiki - heal your body and your life with the power of universal energy" has been published by Hay House and he is currently working on his second book.

At the Reiki Academy, he teaches most Reiki 2 courses as well as all workshops and Master Courses.




All teachers at the Reiki Academy have extensively trained with Torsten and were attuned by him as Reiki Masters and Teachers. They are regularly giving Reiki treatments and use Reiki for themselves on a daily basis.




Tracy Brookman, Reiki Master and Teacher


After working as a Forensic Officer for the Metropolitan Police, followed by many years in an Investment Bank, the time felt right to follow a more spiritual path. Tracy's first contact with Reiki, however, came when she was looking for a way to help her ill dog - and was completely amazed to find how much more there was to Reiki. Not only healed it her dog but it was so powerful that she decided to open her own (now thriving) Reiki clinic and bring it as a volunteer into charities. She has witnessed astounding healing results on seriously ill clients -  physically, emotionally, and spiritually.





Rupert Fawcett, Reiki Master and Teacher


Rupert was first introduced to Reiki over 15 years ago and was initially fascinated by the healing aspect of it. As his training and practice has grown, he has also come to recognise the spiritual elements of Reiki and brings this into his everyday life. As well as running his own practice, Rupert is also a member of the World Health Heroes, a charity dedicated to bringing complimentary and holistic therapies to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Rupert says, “I am thrilled to be able to pass on my experience and knowledge to those finding their own path to Reiki. "





Fabrizio Romano, Reiki Master and Teacher


A scientifically minded IT specialist, Fabrizio would not have believed that one day he would find himself with healing hands - and even be able to pass this gift to others... Today he says: "Reiki allows me to fulfil my desire to benefit others in a way that can cause no harm. This is already a miracle in itself, and yet Reiki is so much more. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is a spiritual path whose depths have nothing to envy to any other tradition. It has quickly become an integral part of my life. A bright, warm companion, always there, always available, pure love. I feel so blessed, so lucky to have it with me and to be able to share it with others." Fabrizio also practices Buddhist meditation and finds this to be perfectly complementary.




Felicia Rudolfo, Reiki Master and Teacher


Felicia is an exceptionally intuitive Reiki practitioner who often senses from a distance what her clients need Reiki for. She runs her own Reiki practice and dedicates much of her time to offering Reiki treatments in charities (Mind and Age UK) as well as exhibiting at the Mind Body Spirit Fairs in London and Birmingham where she is joined by several Reiki Academy students to provide Reiki treatments.

Being a psychic medium, she feels that healing cannot stop with the physical and uses her guidance to find the deeper rooted problems. Felicia teaches Reiki straight from her heart.





Ady Smith, Reiki Master and Teacher


Ady says: "I found Reiki (or did Reiki find me?) while reading an article on managing stress holistically, during a low point in my life adjusting to a stressful London lifestyle and the collapse of a long term relationship. Before Reiki, I did not have much time for anything spiritual, but after training with the Reiki Academy and integrating this into every day life, I felt like a path was being built in front of me... and Reiki was my bag of tools. It took me a while to realise that these tools won't work without an open mind and willingness, and now there isn't a single aspect of my life that Reiki does not benefit. I am thrilled to be able to share this with others."

What we all have in common is our amazement about the life-changing power of Reiki - and the dedication to teaching it as authentic as possible.

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