R E I K I    A C A D E M Y    L O N D O N


R  A  L


Reiki Workshops

Price:  £ 75

Complete Well-Being for Body, Mind, and Soul


Allow a day's journey to change the journey of your life:


  • Discover Reiki as a lifestyle rather than just a complementary therapy.


  • Let Reiki help you to...


            ... live your human experience (in other words, this life) to the fullest

            ... live every day in the awareness that you are part of a deeper reality


  • Learn to trust the universe again.


  • Discover the most neglected element of Reiki: Healing through vibrations of sound.


  • Experience moments of complete transcendence - and learn how to live as a human without neglecting your soul.


  • Uncover what's holding you back in your life - and learn ways to let go and enjoy life once again.


  • Experience what presence really means - and how this can bring instant joy and fulfilment


  • Find and trust the hidden power in yourself - and make the difference you were designed to do.


  • Connect to the highest vibrations of the universe.

As always, we recommend to refrain from the intake of alcohol for a few days before the workshop, and to spend a quiet evening the night before.

Have you ever struggled bringing Reiki and your everyday life together? Have there been times when you were so exhausted that you almost wanted to give up? Has, as a result, Reiki been put on a backburner?

This workshop is designed to change this: Let go of the past, embrace the presence (yes, you can!), and live a life of love and fulfilment rather then anxiety and misunderstood duty.


Manifest change in your life - this is what Reiki is all about!

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