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about us

Our Approach

It is our simple aim to bring more Reiki into the world.

Everyone involved in the Reiki Academy has experienced the gentle, loving, but transformative power of Reiki, and we want to share this with as many people as possible.


Reiki is both: A healing energy, as well as a spiritual path for self development.

Therefore, our approach is slightly more holistic than in other courses, with particular emphasis on using Reiki for self growth and understanding.

We feel the purer Reiki is kept the more powerful it can work. Therefore, we do not offer other courses in "alternative treatments".

However, we recognize that many people combine Reiki with other treatment methods, and that indeed Reiki will lead everyone along their own personal path and may even guide them find additional techniques, therapies and spiritual ways. We hold this in great respect. Complimentary therapies can also complement each other...

Other Therapies


Reiki heals on different levels: The physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual.

At the Reiki Academy we have all experienced this to be true - and healing to take place in an often unexpected way...

Although the guidelines for "Complimentary Therapies" in the UK state that they must not be promoted as to be used instead of conventional treatments, we would like to stress that  we have found Reiki achieving tremendous results of physical healing.

Our advice: See your GP and use Reiki. You might end up with a very surprised GP...

All our teaching is based on personal experience and comprehensive research.

The style is personal and relaxed, with hopefully the right balance of theory, experience, and fun.

The groups are kept  to a maximum of 12 students, allowing enough time for questions and personal reflection.

Reiki is mainly learned and understood through experience. Therefore, we are offering many exercises working in pairs to get "hands-on" experience.

At present, the Reiki 1 and 2 courses are taught by Torsten Alexander Lange. Some workshops are taught by visiting Reiki Masters.


Professional Recognition


Our research is two-fold:

History: We are researching the history of Reiki to make the teaching as authentic and comprehensive as possible.

Use: We are working on case studies, and are researching the ways Reiki works on different levels.

Our courses comply with the guidelines set out by The Reiki Council and the UK Reiki Federation.

Students will receive a professionally recognized certificate at the end of each course.

Courses and workshops also qualify as CPD for complementary practitioners.