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Safety Measures at the Reiki Academy during COVID-19

We regularly update our procedures to make sure we comply with government guidelines.

As the COVID crisis is not over yet, we  implement stringent measures to safeguard everyone. Subject to latest government regulations, these will include:


  • half-size classes (or double room size)

  • distance between chairs

  • face masks to be worn during treatments

  • no food or drinks to be consumed indoors

  • regular breaks for ventilation

  • regular sanitisation of toilets throughout the day

  • treatment couches to be disinfected before and after use

  • all exercises can be done hands-off

  • extra safeguarding around the head

  • disposable covers for pillows

  • provision of hand-sanitisers throughout the building

  • students showing any symptoms related to COVID-19 or those having been in contact with infected people or if a household member is quarantined, are not allowed to take part

  • attunements adapted to comply with hygiene measures


We will also add a COVID awareness module to the curriculum.


Reiki - the perfect tool for COVID-19:


Boost your immune system - find your spiritual anchor

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