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About Torsten

Reiki Master Torsten Alexander Lange is the founder and director of the Reiki Academy London.


After leaving school, Torsten spent 15 years on a career in business and politics.

Having obtained a degree in Political Sciences and Art History from Hamburg University, he moved on combining a career in politics (as chairman of the local party association) with starting his own business.


Having build a successful chain of retail outlets in his native Germany, in 1999 he moved to London to pursue his dream: Opening an international flagship store on London's famous Regent Street.



After 4 years of struggle, it spectacularly collapsed - and Torsten - having personally guaranteed for the business, lost everything almost overnight.


For a few months he was even homeless, but thankfully allowed to stay in a friend's spare bedroom.

Today he feels that homelessness is possibly one of the - literally - most unsettling experiences, and seeing homeless people sheltering in a shop entrance at night became a completely different meaning, thinking that he may have become one of them.


Having learned "the hard way" that financial success and social reputation can be rather short-lived, Torsten spent the next 7 years slowly re-building his life.


Spirituality & Reiki

Torsten started to study various spiritual paths, gradually realising that their essence is always the same.

Finally discovering Reiki as one of these paths, he was amazed to find that one can actually physically feel the connection to spiritual energy. Initially mainly stunned by the effect of physical healing and relaxation, his studies brought him to realise that Reiki was in fact a complete system of spiritual awakening.


He has now been able to develop an attitude of gratefulness towards having gone through such a difficult phase in his life, as this has allowed him to find Reiki as a gateway to discovering his spiritual self.

Through his Reiki courses he has learned that many other people also have had profoundly unsettling experiences in their lives, be it healthwise, personal, to do with family, or financially. He feels deep empathy and understanding for people in difficult circumstances.


Today, Torsten feels privileged (if sometimes a bit overwhelmed) to be able to share his understanding and enthusiasm for Reiki in his courses and workshops, and sees the formation of the Reiki Academy London as the highlight of his life.

Among his students, he is known for his thorough knowledge, personal approach, and relaxing sense of humour.



Torsten is a Reiki Master/ Teacher of the Western Lineage of Reiki, as well as a Shinpiden (Reiki Master) of the Japanese Lineage. He trained with renowned Reiki Masters Penelope Quest and Frans Stiene, as well as various other Reiki Masters and spiritual teachers. He also practises Yoga (rather occasionally, though) and meditation.

The Master Courses and ReikiScience Training are currently all taught by Torsten. He also teaches some Reiki 1 and 2 courses.

Other Reiki 1 and 2 courses are taught be Reiki Masters trained by Torsten. The lineage and teaching is always the same.


Sometimes a big challenge is needed

to make us realize what is really important in life...