R E I K I    A C A D E M Y    L O N D O N


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10 am - 5 pm


1-day workshop

with Reiki Master and Professional Past Life Regression Therapist Torsten Alexander Lange

(trained at Omega Institute, New York, with Dr. Brian Weiss)

Fee £ 75

Introduction to

Past Life Regression

Explore your previous incarnations and the messages they may hold

The idea of Reincarnation is very much at the heart of Reiki. One of the symbols, the Harmony symbol, is designed to deepen this awareness.


This idea can be found in all major religious and spiritual traditions, from Buddhism and Hinduism to the Jewish Kabbalah and Islamic Sufism. Searching deeper, it can even be found in Jesus' teachings.


This experimental workshop designed to practically experience the memory of past lives.

  • What is reincarnation?

  • Buddha's idea of the wheel of life

  • Different techniques to explore past lives

  • Guided meditation to meet your spirit guide

  • Psychometry

  • "I see you as" - exploring past lives as an exercise in pairs

  • Group regression into one or more previous incarnations

  • Making sense of the lessons from previous lives

Practical information/ Disclaimer


No prior knowledge is necessary. The workshop is open to everyone, not just Reiki students.

Please note that it is possible to opt out of a regression at any moment, and you will stay fully conscious throughout.


For legal reasons, we have to state that this workshop is for entertainment purposes only. However, from personal experience we can say that most people are able to experience a vivid image of a past incarnation, and have extraordinary spiritual encounters.

Topics and exercises will include: 

Members £ 67.50

As always, we recommend to refrain from the intake of alcohol for a few days before the workshop, and to spend a quiet evening the night before.