Lesson 1 - Getting Started


Welcome to Reiki, meet your teacher, basic meditation and how to use this course


Lesson 2 - The History of Reiki


A detailed look into the origins and lineage of Reiki and its different branches


Lesson 3 - Attunements


Discover what an Attunement is, what it does and receive your personal attunements


Lesson 4 - Energy


Explore how energy connects us to the universe and learn about the energy we can see in the human body


Lesson 5 - Healing


What do we mean by healing? How do we interpret results?


Lesson 6 - How Does Reiki Work?


Learn about how Reiki works and what evidence we have for it working


Lesson 7 - Three Basic Reiki Techniques


Get practical with 3 Reiki techniques you can implement in your day to day life


Lesson 8 - Self Treatment


Learn how to give yourself a treatment and then do a guided self treatment

R E I K I    A C A D E M Y    L O N D O N


R  A  L


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Special Offer: £ 75  

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  • Over 10 hours of interactive HD video content

  • Individual video lessons

  • Receive four personal attunements to establish your Reiki connection

  • Complete Reiki 1 qualification

  • All techniques with step-by-step instructions

  • Guided meditations to help you connect deeply with the Universe

  • Guided treatments

  • Exclusively composed Reiki music

  • Take this online course at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, or from where ever you are.

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  • Reiki 1 Manual

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  • Continuous live support through dedicated Facebook group. 

Lesson 9 - Reiki as a Complimentary Therapy


In this lesson we talk about who and what can be treated with Reiki


Lesson 10 - Reiki Head Treatement


A step-by-step guide to giving the perfect taster treatment


Lesson 11 - A Full Professional Reiki Treatment


Learn how to prepare yourself, your client and your environment. Go over hand positions and do a guided full treatment


Lesson 12 - Results and Experiences


Learn what to expect during and after a treatment and the long term effects


Lesson 13 - Creative Uses of Reiki


Learn how to utilise Reiki for Pets, Situations and everything else in your day-to-day life


Lesson 14 - The Reiki Principles


Learn about the 5 Reiki principles and how to bring them and their awareness into everyday life


Lesson 15 - Notes from the Practice


Discuss how to use Reiki in other common aspects of our lives including: Children, Elderly and Relationships


Lesson 16 - Conclusions to Reiki 1


Bring together everything that you've learnt

What the course will cover:

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Reiki 1 online training with Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange


This offer has been specially created to enable as many people as possible to use Reiki during the Coronavirus outbreak.


Once life has returned to normal, we will offer a 2-day live practice course at £ 100.

This will allow for accredited professional Reiki training.