The course will cover: 


  • 4 attunements to start the flow of Reiki energy

  • How to "tune-in" to Reiki

  • The Reiki history

  • The philosophy behind Reiki

  • What is healing?

  • What is energy?

  • See, feel, and work with Auras

  • The Chakra system

  • Energy cleansing techniques

  • The 21-day clearing process

  • The 12 hand positions

  • How to conduct a Reiki self treatment

  • How to give a Reiki treatment to others

  • Treating pets and animals

  • Treating plants and inanimate objects

  • Giving Reiki to situations

  • Simple steps to meditate

  • How to breathe

  • Reiki and spirituality

  • The Reiki Principles

  • Using Reiki in daily life

  • Using Reiki at work

  • Scientific Proof of Reiki

R E I K I    A C A D E M Y    L O N D O N


R  A  L


Reiki 1 Course

2-day course that lays the foundation of Reiki.


The course will give an introduction to the philosophy , history, and theory of Reiki, and includes many practical exercises to boost the confidence of the students to use Reiki.


At the end of the course, students will feel the flow of Reiki, and be able to give treatments to family and friends, as well as using it for themselves - for healing and personal development.


The courses are taught in a relaxed and personal style, with plenty of time for questions, and to get to know the other students.


It is always an amazing moment when students give their first treatment to a fellow student - and receive the feed back that it works!

Next course dates


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we do not currently offer live Reiki courses. However, you can start learning Reiki through our comprehensive REIKI 1 ONLINE COURSE and will be able to use it straight away.


Once life has returned to normal, we will offer an additional training day to meet the required professional standards for accredited courses.


The price for the online training is £ 75,

for the live training day £ 100.



click here for more information

The price includes:


  • detailed course manual

  • biscuits and refreshments on both days

  • professionally recognized certificate

After a Reiki 1 course students will have the connection to Reiki,

and it is not necessary to join another course.

Reiki 2 and Reiki Master courses simply go deeper into the system, and offer more techniques.